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Candice Lanier
Candice Lanier
Journalist, CISO
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    I'm a journalist at Bleeping Computer and Security Affairs, Chief Information Security Officer at CyberSec Express (CSE), a provider of managed cybersecurity. CSE provides tailored solutions for businesses and government agencies. CSE is also in the process of launching KidSec, a nonprofit which seeks to provide free computers to low-income children. Training materials, with an emphasis on cybersecurity are included. My educational background is in criminology, psychology, computer science and digital forensics. CSE is partnered with STOP. THINK. CONNECT.™, the global online safety awareness campaign to help all digital citizens stay safer and more secure online. The message was created by an unprecedented coalition of private companies, non-profits and government organizations with leadership provided by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and the APWG.

U.S. Government Systems Will Be 'At Risk for Years to Come'

The US government will apparently need to get a handle on the same cybersecurity issues it grappled with in 2018 as for some agencies, subpar performance is expected for years to come.

State sponsored espionage, insider threats, securing infrastructure and supply chains and increases in cybercrime and the cost of cybercrime are among the top issues the government has to come to terms with. Other challenges for the government include picking better passwords, staying on top of patch management and cybersecurity awareness training.  

DNA Testing Kits & The Security Risks in Digitized DNA

Direct-to-consumer DNA testing services have experienced a surge in popularity over the past few years.  Digitizing DNA carries the benefits of uncovering ancestry information and can have significant positive impact on science and medical research. It can, for instance, assist in finding a cure for a fatal disease.


According to Peccoud Lab, which specializes in synthetic biology informatics at Colorado State University, Cyberbiosecurity is a specialty that deals with understanding and mitigating new biological security risks emerging at the interface between biosecurity and cybersecurity. The digitization of DNA involves its storage in a database. The solving of a criminal cold case through matching a consumer DNA database with a police database is another example of how digitized DNA can be used.